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ICES Annual Science Conference 2020 Postponed to 2021!

Date: Sep 06 2021 00:00 - Sep 09 2021 00:00

Venue: Copenague, Dinamarca


Themes (sessions A – R):

- Top predators, food webs, and ecosystem-based fisheries management

- Biomass, biodiversity, and ecosystem services in the mesopelagic zone

- Co-existence of sustainable fisheries and offshore wind energy development lessons learned

- Past, present, and future of marine plankton assemblages and communities

- Connecting economic, social science, and interdisciplinary research and management advice

- Aquaculture health management moving the needle forward from science to advice

- Beyond recruitment correlations: accounting for environmental change in single-species advice

- Can technology-based monitoring deliver timely, cost-effective, and high quality fishery-dependent data?

- The impacts of marine shipping and their effects on coastal communities and ecosystems

- Advances and challenges in marine litter pollution

- Taking stock on ocean acidification research for provision of future efforts

- Studying fisher attitudes, behaviour, and beliefs to customize fisheries management

- Known unknowns: structural uncertainty in fishery stock assessment and management strategy evaluation

- Understanding values related to the sea to resolve policy tradeoffs

- Impacts of human pressures on ecosystem components assessed by dynamic modelling

- Marine sediment extraction: footprint, sustainability, and effects

- Making transboundary ocean and coastal governance work state of the art, problems, and enablers

- Scientific advances under ICES Science Plan


Deadline for submissions of abstracts: 11 March 2020.



All Dates

  • From Sep 06 2021 00:00 to Sep 09 2021 00:00

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