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MONITOOL project main results 2017-2023
MONITOOL project meets schools by UNICA
Our MONITOOL partners Jean-Louis Gonzalez (IFREMER) and Natalia Montero (AZTI), guest editors of a Special Issue of the Water journal
MONITOOL project, present at the International Symposium on Marine Sciences 2022
MONITOOL project participation in the Summer Internships Program 2022 of the IST (Lisbon)
DCU Sampling Campaign (2022) in the Irish Coastal Region
MONITOOL project results obtained in the Canarian region are now available by the IDECanarias viewer of GRAFCAN
Passive samplers (PS) for the assessment of dredging activity impacts
MONITOOL Project Final Conference (2021)
Interview with Professor Hao Zhang, Lancaster University, UK, and member of the MONITOOL scientific advisory board
Designing and development of an additional experiment performed by IFREMER at the laboratory
AZTI presents MONITOOL results at different scientific events during 2020
Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias (ITC) carried out a wastewater sampling campaign following the MONITOOL standardized methods
DCU Masters student, Martin Nolan, submits his MSc Thesis based on MONITOOL acquired knowledge
Evaluation of the impact of biofouling on deployments of DGT
COVID-19 impact on MONITOOL project implementation
MONITOOL Partners take part in the annual ICES expert’s meetings
Technical conference on passive samplers and MONITOOL project takes place in the Basque Country
Interview with Isabelle Amouroux, leader of MONITOOL Work Package 6 (EQS Adaptation and Chemical Status Assessment)
MONITOOL partners share and assess the results in Nantes and proceed with the last steps of the project
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