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  • DGT Conference 2019 will be the fifth international scientific event with MONITOOL presence in 2019

DGT Conference 2019 will be the fifth international scientific event with MONITOOL presence in 2019

Until the end of August, MONITOOL participated in 4 scientific events presenting the project and its first results. On September will take place the 5th event, with the attendance to the DGT Conference 2019 in Vienna.

2019 is being a productive year. Project´s partners attended 4 different international events during the first half of this year for the dissemination of the knowledge acquired during MONITOOL lifetime. These events were:

  • The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES 2019) celebrated at the University of Evora (Portugal) in March 4-8, was attended by Maria Jesús Belzunce (AZTI) with an oral presentation and by Miguel Caetano (IPMA);
  • The SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting, which was held in Helsinki (Finland), between the 26 and 30th May, where Iratxe Menchaca (AZTI) contributed with an oral presentation and Blánaid White (DCU) presented a MONITOOL poster;
  • After that, on 4 and 5 June, Joana Larreta (AZTI) participated in the XV International Estuarine Biogeochemistry Symposium (IEBS) in the University of Vigo (Spain), with a poster and flash presentation about MONITOOL;
  • Finally, OCEANS ’19, which was held in Marseille (France), between 17 and 20 June, with the participation of Fiona Reagan (DCU) through a poster presentation.

SETAC 2019 

In September, this scientific dissemination work will continue in the framework of the DGT Conference 2019, to be held at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, in Vienna. At this event, Blánaid White (DCU), Project Coordinator, will present the Keynote Lecture – Session 4, under the name of “MONITOOL: Strategies to enable the use of DGTs in a regulatory context” and Natalia Montero (UNICA) will show the results obtained in two estuaries of the Basque Coast.

It is also worth noting that other members of the Project such as Maria Jesús Belzunce (AZTI), Marco Schintu (UNICA) and Hao Zhang (member of the MONITOOL Scientific Advisory Board) will be part of the Committee Members, thus ensuring that MONITOOL will be widely represented at this scientific meeting.

In addition to these occasions, MONITOOL partners have also had the opportunity to share their knowledge to a scientific-technical audience by means of the celebration of 2 Technical Conferences in Canary Islands, organized by ITC in May and a technical event that took place in June in Sardinia, in charge of UNICA.