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WP 4 - Database Management and correlation studies

The general objective of the present WP is to develop a database that allows the compilation and interchange of all information related with physico-chemical parameters and metal concentrations for quality water assessment.

Cd, Ni and Pb (classified as priority substances by WFD) and other specific metals such as Al, Cr, Co, Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn (due to their potential risk effects) will be included.

Transitional and coastal water locations will be selected covering the whole Atlantic Region and some areas of the Mediterranean for the development of a more complete and robust database.

WP 4 Actions

  • Action 4.1: Data compilation and management
  • Action 4.2: Statistical analysis to relate metal concentrations in Diffusive Gradient in Thin films (DGTs) with spot water samples (dissolved and labile)
  • Action 4.3: Evaluate the effect of water physicochemical parameters in trace metal concentrations
  • Action 4.4: Methodology proposal for EQS adaptation for priority metals and for determining DGT- thresholds for other specific metals

This WP 4 is led by Fundación AZTI-Spain.