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WP 6 - EQS Adaptation and Chemical Status Assessment

The general objective of this WP is to calculate suitable standard values (environmental quality standards - EQS) in DGT for metals.

WP6 will integrate information and knowledge at transnational scale with the participation of all partners from Atlantic and Mediterranean area, providing interregional data for more European EQS consistency.

The outputs from this WP should impact on European policy both for the WFD and the MSFD (DGT-EQS can also be used for Environmental Status assessment in relation to Descriptor 8, concentrations of contaminants in coastal waters).

WP 6 Actions

  • Action 6.1: EQS adaptation for priority metals (Pb, Ni, Cd)
  • Action 6.2: EQS adaptation (thresholds) for other specific metals based on existing EQS values
  • Action 6.3: Application of obtained EQS values of DGTs metal data for chemical/environmental status assessment

This WP 6 is led by Institut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer, IFREMER-France.